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These are the borders that we can supply. All nameplates can have a border. Remember, though, that this means less space for the title.


New Borders for 2019!

Numbers 18, 19 and 20



Some examples:

Border 11 and 1

Border 2

Border 2 and 4

Border 6

Border 11

Border 12

Border 12

Border 13

Border 16

Border 16

Border 17


Also see the Picture Gallery for some examples of models seen at shows to give you an idea as to what the finished articles look like!



Following requests by customers, we have now added Corners to the range of items to embellish your name plate.

There are 21 standard set  examples to choose from, but if there is another emblem that you want to add, just contact us.

Here are the 21 to choose from:

C1Squares    C2 Chinese        C3        C4        C5 Feathers

C6 Leaves      C7 Skulls            C8 Celtic        C9 Anchor    C10 Napoleonic Eagle

C11 Balkenkreus    C12 Star    C13 Templar1    C14 Crossed swords    C15 Fleur-de-lis

C16 Celtic Knot    C17 Templar2    C18 Horse    C19 Pistol    C20 fasces

C21 Lines



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