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We have 36 different finishes of plates for you to choose from.

They are made in either Aluminium, Brass or Plastic.

New finishes!




Examples of finishes

27 Marble Blue - Gold writing on a Blue marble effect with black and lighter blue background (Plastic)

28 Marble Red - Gold writing on a Red marble effect with black and red background (Plastic)

29 Satin Gold - Silver writing on a Satin Gold background (Aluminium)



Note: Finishes 18 and 19 have a gold fleck in them, so use a double line font and border to make the lettering stand out.


Finish 18

Finish 19

Finish 20

Finish 21

Finish 23

Finish 24

Some are aluminium (Silver writing), others brass (Gold writing) or Plastic (Finishes numbers 12-19)

See the Picture Gallery for some examples of models seen at shows to give you an idea as to what the finished articles look like!

The rest of the finishes:


Hot Tip:

   Aluminium Finish 2 used here

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